A Well Rounded Pedagogy

A transformational & experiential learning that focuses on student’s overall personality development in order to pursue their careers successfully. The students are taken through a series of exercises and workshops to instill confidence, increase competence, stimulate critical thinking and develop leadership skills.

We believe that the students who come to us are highly capable and talented, yet they need to be moulded to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving corporate environment. At MIIT, we are highly cognizant of these facts, and have developed a holistic programme built on 5 strong pillars, which we proudly call MIIT-PRIME:


MEASI Institute of Information Technology has set out to blur a distinctive line that exists between academics and the industry with revolutionary teaching methods so that our students can transition seamlessly from academia to the industry. MIIT makes its students ready for the real world and skilled in problem-solving, communication and all the essential tools.



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