Use Case-based Learning and Implementation

Case-based learning is a student-centric learning approach. This method uses cases – hypothetical, or real-life problems – to supplement theoretical knowledge. In this learning strategy, students are given cases to solve, allowing for practical application of the concepts learned in class. Use Case teaching is an innovative teaching method that helps the students understand the concepts better. Laden with practical examples and implementation techniques, use case teaching strives to make the concepts easier to grasp.     

Corporate Connect

Corporate connect helps the students interact with people from the IT industry. This helps the student to understand the professional arena inside out and gives him/her a lot of insights into the industry. Using the curriculum as their base, the students can learn to build simple applications, by implementing the concepts learned,  under the guidance of an industry expert. Students are also encouraged to have their own startups for which ample guidance is given.

Mini projects

A mini project is an assignment that every student is encouraged to take up at the end of every semester. Students are encouraged to take up mini projects in the subject taught. This strengthens the understanding of their fundamentals through the effective application of theoretical concepts. Mini projects can help students to boost their skills and widen their horizons of thinking.

Internships – Real-time project with stipend

A supervised, structured learning experience in a professional setting that allows students to gain valuable work experience in their chosen field of study. It also gives the student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills. It offers the employer the opportunity to bring new ideas and energy into the workplace, nurture and identify talent and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees with real-time project experience along with a  decent stipend.


Practical implementation of concepts

Theory imparts knowledge but practical education gives you the real experience. Practical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept and help develop programming skills. The process involves moving an idea from concept to reality by building a process from scratch.

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