Saradha S

Associate Professor

[email protected]

Academic Domain: Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, IoT.

Saradha has over 14 years of teaching experience and her association with MIIT from 2022. She is very passionate about teaching and is actively involved in research. She has published 26 National & International journals, attended 7 National & International Conferences, Filed 3 Patents and received 3 awards. She has produced 3 M.Phil Scholars and also 6 Scholars are pursuing their Ph.D under her guidance. She got Lifetime membership in ‘Computer Society of India’.


M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.


14 years

Subject Expertise

Data Mining, Oracle, Python Programming, R Programming language, Weka, Artificial Intelligence &Export Systems, C, C++, Java, VB.Net, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Web Page Designing, Database Management Systems.


Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, IoT.

Papers Published in Journals
  • Dr. S. Saradha, J. Abdul Rasheedh, “Design and Development of Resilient Microservices Architecture for Cloud Based Applications using Hybrid Design Patterns”, Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, Vol.13, No.2,Mar-Apr 2022, PP.365-378.
  • Dr. S. Saradha, N. Anver Hussain, “Precision Agriculture using IoT Sensor Network System – A Review”, Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry(TOJQI), Vol.12, Issue 7, July 2021, PP.8366-8375.
  • Dr. S. Saradha, J. Abdul Rasheedh, “Reactive Microservices Architecture Using a Framework of Fault Tolerance Mechanisms”, International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering (IJATCSE), Vol.9, No. 5, Sep-October 2020.
  • Dr. S. Saradha, K. Prakash, “Efficient Prediction and Classification for Cirrhosis Disease Using LBP, GLCM and SVM from MRI Images, Materials today: Proceedings, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2021.03.418. (Elsevier)
  • Dr. S. Saradha, A. Priya, “AN OVERVIEW ON CLOUD COMPUTING FRAMEWORKS AND REVIEW ON CLOUD SECURITY SCHEMES”, JOURNAL OF CRITICAL REVIEWS, Volume -7, Issue -17,2020, ISSN- 2394-5125, pp.3360-3366.(Scopus Indexed)
  • M. Sakthivanitha, S. Saradha, “Survey Based on Security Aware Caching Scheme for IoT Based Information Centric Networking”, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web, doi: 10.4108/eai.1-7-2020.165960. (Scopus Indexed)
  • A. Priya, Dr. S. Saradha,” AN EFFICIENT PREDICTION AND PRIVACY PRESERVATION USING ENHANCED BLOWFISH CRYPTOGRAPHIC SCHEME FOR CLOUD SECURITY”, High Technology Letters, ISSN NO : 1006-6748, Volume 26, Issue 11, 2020, pp.1019-1027.
  • A. Priya, Dr. S. Saradha, “A Detailed Survey of the Security Issues and Defensive Tactic in Cloud Background”, Jour of Adv Research in Dynamic & Control Systems, Volume -11, Issue -11,2019, pp.606-611. (Scopus Indexed)
  • Dr. S. Saradha, Dr. P. Sujatha, “Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis with MSVM, MJ48 classifier Models”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Volume 8, Issue-2S11, September 2019, pp.244-248. (Scopus Indexed)
  • S. Saradha, Dr. P.Sujatha, “ A Performance Evaluation of Classification Algorithms For Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, 04-Special Issue, June 2017, ISSN: 1943 -023X. (Scopus Indexed)
Conferences Attended


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